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Daily Briefing – Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Chinese equities rose overnight in anticipation of strong quarterly results next month, as state banks begin halting transactions in North Korean held accounts. Other indexes in Asia were also green this morning, with the Nikkei leading at 1.13% as the yen loses steam. And business conditions in Australia are at a 9-year high of 15 points.


European indexes also enjoyed a 4-week record high after the central bank’s Benoit Coeur said that money policies aside, a strong Euro is not harming economic growth since most of that is based on local consumption. Meanwhile, France delivered Q3 projections of 0.5% growth, and the UK parliament ok’d a bill that would adopt Eurozone laws into British legislation.


After the relaxation of North Korean tensions and the downgrading of Hurricane Irma to a class-1 storm, US indexes also showed strength yesterday. Also, the US Federal debt has now passed the $20 trillion mark, after Congress ok’d the extension of the nation’s debt ceiling.


Oil is slightly above yesterday as Saudi and Venezuelan officials discuss the extension of the production freeze agreement. Gold has returned to below 1331 as traders show spunk. And Bitcoin has slightly recovered after major Chinese Bitcoin exchanges tell clients that they have heard nothing about the government’s expected shutdowns.

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