Safety of Funds

Safety of Funds

At PrimeCFD's, we have nothing but the utmost respect for your confidence and any of your hard-earned money, which you have invested through our company. For this reason, no expense has been spared to ensure that your funds are safe from any error on our part and kept in accordance with international standards.

Platform Guarantee

PrimeCFD’s platform is PSI approved as well as completely SSL certified, which means any personal details you have entrusted to us are handled by PrimeCFD's employees only, in order to ensure maximum privacy for our clients. Every single piece of digital information is subjected to HTTP secure web protocols, which ensures the best anti-fraud protection money can buy.

Funds Safety

It is perfectly understandable to be wary of online transactions. Because we appreciate your concerns for your money, at PrimeCFDs all accounts are segregated, and your money is not mixed with anybody else’s.

What is a segregated account?

The term ‘segregated account’ mean that your and PrimeCFD's’s money are kept separately from each other and every cent can be traced to its rightful owner at any given time. So, even if the unthinkable happens, your funds will remain secure.

PrimeCFD's vows transparency

PrimeCFDs boasts a spotless reputation when it comes to transparency, which is not taken lightly. All our new traders are informed of the importance of compliance with regulations and standards; and our financial standing is regularly verified by audits and inspections, in full compliance with AML regulations. You can read our compliance procedures here.